4 Top Benefits of Using SSL

4 Top Benefits of Using SSL

Did you know that there are 3.74 Billion internet users in the world? What does this mean for your business? Simple, you get tons of potential customers every day. Let us just say that you get about 1% of the total number of internet users; you get around three hundred thousand potential customers. That is whopping prospective revenue for you!
As you continuously create marketing strategies to increase your customer reach, you should also include web security in your plan. Have you heard about the Google Security update that was released in October 2017? The security update requires all websites to run using an SSL Certificate. You might have heard about this security update, but the question is, have you decided to contact SSL Experts? When you use an SSL Certificate for your website, you get tons of benefits.
What are the benefits you get from using an SSL Certificate?
Here are some compelling reasons why it is essential to start using an SSL Certificate.

First, you build customer confidence.

Your customers would like to transact business with a company that uses an additional security layer. When your site uses an SSL Certificate, your customers see a green lock icon before your web address, or they see a message that indicates that your website is secure.
Once your customers see this secure message, they feel confident in doing business with your company. Your customers know that when they share their personal information to your website, it is protected and will not be easily hacked by cybercriminals.

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Second, it protects sensitive information.

This benefit is connected with the above advantage. The main reason why a website needs an SSL Certificate is to keep sensitive or confidential data protected from any hackers. When classified information is sent across the internet without encrypting it, these data can be easily intercepted by cybercriminals. With an SSL certificate, you and your customers get the assurance that whatever you share on the internet, it remains protected.

Third, it adds another layer of authentication.

Aside from encrypting data, you also want to make sure that you are communicating with the right server. Keep this in mind; some hackers can imitate your website. They can quickly create a website that looks the same as yours. If this happens, your customers are sharing information with an imposter. With SSL, it helps create an authentication process, confirming that you are the legitimate business.

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Fourth, your site becomes a trusted website using SSL.

When Google sees that your site is using an SSL Certificate, you get its nod of approval. You become a site that can be trusted, and in turn, Google can help promote your business. As simple as that! You want to gain customers and lose them!
These are the significant benefits that you get from using an SSL Certificate. Just a word of advice, it will be best to start securing your site with an SSL Certificate if you want to still be in the competition.

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