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5 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Google’s Unsafe Website Warning

Ever since Google announced HTTPS will be used as a ranking signal, business owners everywhere began wondering about SSL certificates and researching ‘ Check SSL Certificate ‘.

Is it worth implementing an encrypted certificate on your website?

Do the benefits of an SSL certificate outweigh the costs?

What do I gain, as a business owner, if I switch to HTTPS?

The answers to these 3 questions are yes, yes and a lot!

Check SSL Certificate

Check SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are the definition of security. If your website collects important data, such as your clients’ credit card information, name, phone or addresses, then protecting your customers’ privacy becomes your responsibility.

As a business owner with an online presence, here’s what you need to know about SSL certificates and Google’s unsafe website warning.

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  1. What are SSL certificates

You could compare an SSL certificate with a digital passport.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it represents a standard of security technology that protects your website.

With a valid SSL certificate installed, the data exchanged between your web server and the browser of your clients will remain intact.

Although you don’t literally see how a website works, when your clients enter sensitive information on your website, you need to ensure them it’s safe to proceed. And having a cryptographic key that acts as a shield can help you protect your customers from the cybercriminals!

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  1. The importance of an SSL certificate for businesses who sell online

It’s important to point out that not all websites need to encrypt sensitive information. But if you’re running a business and collect sensitive data via your website, then it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Cyber-attacks are not uncommon these days. And because of their increasing number, Google decided to do something about it. Since only 1% of the websites online have taken necessary safety precautions, the internet giant would like to encourage more webmasters to do the same.

Having an SSL certificate installed will ensure your visitors your website is secure. It protects your website and your customers’ data and it ensures all sensitive information is safely encrypted.

Check SSL Certificate

  1. Will your clients trust you more if your website is safe?

Having a secured website can definitely boost your brand’s credibility.

An SSL certificate is easily recognizable. The green browser address bar and the secure lock icon are clear indicators a website is safe to use.

Potential clients need to feel secure when sharing their personal information with you. Whether they’re buying your product directly from your website or simply leaving you their phone number through a simple web form, they still need to know you’re the only one who has access to their data!

Ensuring your customers you care about their privacy will help build trust and will boost your brand power.

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  1. The risks of not installing an extra security layer

Google has recently announced they plan to point fingers. Without an SSL certificate, certain risks arise for business owners everywhere.

  • A secure connection is impossible to establish without a valid cryptographic key. As a result, sensitive information may be at risk. Anything your clients share with your website can be seen or even stolen by unauthorized third parties;
  • Google plans to make the internet a safer virtual environment for all of us. While the news should be thrilling, a downside does exist. Websites without a well trusted encrypted connection will soon be labeled as dangerous and deceptive;
  • With Google’s new unsafe website warning in place, you can turn customers away in seconds. Once the unsafe warning pops up in their browser, your business website and brand could lose all credibility.
  1. How to avoid Google’s Unsafe Website Warning

The way to avoid being labeled as unsafe by Google is to get your own SSL certificate.

Securing your website is important, especially if you want your clients to trust you.

Protecting your business from cyber-attacks isn’t just “the latest internet trend”. It’s important to realize that in this day and age, we rely on the internet more than ever before.

Making your website safe for your clients means more customers for your business and more sales. You can help your business thrive by making sure your customer’s sensitive data is kept safe and handled with care.

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