Common Myths About SSL Certificates

Common Myths About SSL Certificates

We know that you have heard about the Security Update that Google released in October 2017. It is about the mandate for all websites to use an SSL Certificate. Google will start marking sites that are not using an SSL Certificate with a Not Secure message.
No business owner would like to see his or her website to be labeled as Not Secure. The fantastic news is, it is relatively easy to secure your site with an SSL Certificate. It would be a stress-free process. To help you better understand how an SSL Certificate work, it will be best to know the common myths about SSL Certificates.

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Here are the Myths and Truths about SSL Certificates.

Myth One

SSL Certificates are pricy. It would cost you a considerable sum of money to transition from an HTTP to HTTPS.
The Truth is…
There are several types of SSL Certificates and bundles that you can choose from. Each SSL Certificate bundle will undoubtedly come at a certain price. The best way to check which SSL Certificate you can select is by getting a recommendation from an SSL Expert. That is the main reason why we are here – your SSL Experts, to provide you with the best SSL Certificate deal for your site.

Myth Two

The transition from HTTP to HTTPS will take time and would have an impact on your business.
The Truth is…
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS will not take weeks to accomplish. In fact, it will only take hours for your SSL Certificate to work. What we recommend business owners do is to provide a particular notification in their website that there will be a site maintenance that will happen, this way, the customers are informed about any migration interference that will occur. It will not have a significant impact on your operations. Once your SSL Certificate is approved, it will only take a few hours for it to work.

Myth Three

Big companies only use SSL Certificates.
The Truth is…
Whether you are a local or big business, security is still your number one priority. It is not true that only big companies need to have their website secured using an SSL Certificate. As long as you have a website and transact business using your site, then it is vital that you ensure your site is using an SSL Certificate.

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Myth Four

Using an SSL Certificate is too complicated to understand.

The Truth is…

Getting an SSL Certificate, understanding the process may be a little difficult for non-technical individuals. We know that this is a concern for most business owners. You should not worry too much about the technical aspect of using an SSL Certificate; we got it all covered for you! That is the reason why we are here – your SSL Experts to answer your inquiries about the use of an SSL Certificate. We will discuss the details with you in the simplest way possible.
We hope that these Myths and Truths about SSL Certificates provided further insights about data encryption.

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